Happy wife, happy life.

Usually when a free agent signs a massive contract like Jose Reyes just did with the Miami Marlins, he immediately moves his family to its new home. But Reyes, the long-time Mets star, tells the New York Times he doesn't plan on moving his loved ones from the Big Apple to South Florida until at least 2013. And Reyes is taking another step to ease the transition after he inked a $106 million, six-year contract in December.

Reyes shaved off his trademark dreadlocks at the request of the team, but he also says he plans to keep a shorter hair style to keep his bride happy.

"She like short hair; she don’t like the long hair at all," he told the Times.

The former King of Queens is looking forward to April 24, when his Marlins return to Citi Field to take on the Mets. Reyes says it going to be "real crazy" when he's back in the ballpark he thrived in for so long.

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When UGG Australia launched a new advertisement featuring Tom Brady in September, we wondered whether Brady would be man enough to change the company's image and get men buying.

In the six months since that Brady campaign went live, overall sales (which includes both men's and women's products) have gone up 37 percent, according to UGG PR manager Kristen Thomason.

Separate data for men's sales only were not available, so it's unclear how much Brady helped boost those numbers. Regardless, Thomason said that UGG is extremely happy to have him on board and excited to continue working with him, although she could not disclose details on when the next Brady advertisement might be made.

But the overall upswing in sales and the buzz from Brady have been enough for the brand to plan the opening of its first ever UGG for Men Store in June on Madison Avenue in New York.

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Tom Brady, UGG

By LostLettermen.com

So much for Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema keeping his relationship and wedding with Jennifer Hielsberg on the down low.

Pictures of the happy couple on their wedding day have surfaced on the website BadgerFans.com after the two kept their relationship very private. Both the bride and groom looked happy last Saturday and it was nice to see Bielema not wearing a track suit for once.

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And look at that cake! It has roses wrapped around each level as a nod, presumably, to the Rose Bowl. The Badgers' hope to finally win "The Grandaddy of Them All" under Bielema after falling short the last two seasons in Pasadena. Wisconsin lost to TCU in 2011 before falling to Oregon this past January.

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The Tobacco Road rivalry is so strong, athletes can't even take a break from competing during spring break. The women's lacrosse teams from both Duke and UNC are engaged in the ultimate spring break battle royal to help pass the time until the NCCA championships. But this battle isn't being fought on the field. It's happening on YouTube.

Last week, Duke goalie Mollie Mackler sent ILWomen.com a video the team put together to the tune "Call Me Maybe" by Canadian chanteuse Carly Rae Jepsen.

What the ladies may lack in choreography, they make up for in creativity and set location. We can just imagine the fight over who got to play in the fountain ...

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When you think of LMFAO, you think of DJs, rappers, club-goers, and party rockers.

But you really should be thinking of 6-year-old Canucks fans.

One in particular: Jack Millos.

The adorable Vancouver supporter stole the spotlight a few nights ago by busting some rather impressive moves to LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It."

Watch his intense concentration, coupled with rhythm that rivals anything from this year's Super Bowl halftime show ...

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Do you smell what The Rock is cooking ... in his new palatial kitchen?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has crossed over from college football player to WWE star to Hollywood leading man, has a new castle. The People's Champ recently purchased a $3.45 million home near Miami.

The popular entertainer purchased the home from Dolphins offensive tackle Vernon Carey, according to the Miami Herald. A first-round pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, Carey could be the only active NFL player to spend his entire college and pro career in his hometown. He grew up across the street from the site where the Dolphins Sun Life Stadium now sits and watched it being built in the mid 1980s. Carey played college ball at the University of Miami before joining the Dolphins.

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By Daniel Bukszpan

There are few things more convenient than living near one's workplace. The stress of commuting is minimal when the office is 10 minutes away by car, and sunny days afford the opportunity for leisurely walks home at sunset while coworkers sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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Slideshow: Spring Training Homes Of MLB Stars

Baseball players have to travel the country during the regular season, so this scenario isn't an option for six months out of the year. The one time when this scenario does, in fact, play out for them is during spring training, when all activity is localized either at the Grapefruit League's training facilities in Florida or the Cactus League's facilities in Arizona.

Check out where some of Major League Baseball's biggest stars live during spring training.

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If you're a kid who dreams of being a billionaire, taking advice from Mark Cuban would be a wise decision.

The billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks entered the world of business at the ripe age of 12, selling garbage bags to finance some fancy basketball kicks. In high school, he started a stamp collection that paid for his college education.

Wednesday, Cuban posted some financial advice for students on his blog and it's just about as strange, and oddly brilliant, as selling garbage bags.

"Sometimes you just need to make some money for the summer," he wrote. "Or to pay for your braces. Or to pay for the phone bill your parents killed you on. Whatever you need cash for, it's always a problem that needs solving."

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One of Major League Baseball's biggest stars is looking to share the love with fans this summer -- via some extra time and some new tattoos.

Prince Fielder, fresh off signing a $214 million, nine-year contract with the Detroit Tigers, has long had a soft spot for tattoos, but he admits having some reservation over his latest body art additions.

Fielder showed up to Tigers camp in Lakeland, Fla. with a few more tatts than he had while playing for the Brewers. The first baseman now has hearts all over his body, roses on his left arm and the word "LOVE" tattooed twice on his right hand.

Spending most of his time in a macho major league clubhouse, Fielder asked his tattoo artist if he'd be thought of as soft for getting a tattoo of hearts. "He's like, 'Dude, a tattoo itself is tough. What do you want? A Tiger that's growling?' I wanted hearts," Fielder told the Detroit Free Press' Michael Rosenberg.

Fielder also has a smiling emoticon tattoo, along with dozens of others.

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