For better or worse, a classic moment in Super Bowl Media Day history came in 2008 when Giants defensive ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora used a bottle of cologne as a prop. The Stetson cologne came in a box with Tom Brady's image on it. Strahan (pictured below) and Umenyiora took turns sampling the fragrance endorsed by the Patriots quarterback.

Brady, though, has company when it comes to athletes willing to attach their name to a scent, either through an endorsement or a signature product.

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File this one under things that are entirely necessary: Dwyane Wade's 30th birthday gift, a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, was airlifted into The Setai hotel in South Beach on Sunday night. Yes, that's right, airlifted. It seems the car couldn't make it into the pool area, let alone onto a small stand in the pool, without being dropped in from above.

Don't worry, this wasn't a choreographed air drop-in via helicopter. No airborne transportation was necessary for the stunt, as a crane was brought in to the alley next to the hotel, then used to hoist and drop the car over the walls and on to the waiting pool platform.

The McLaren, valued at around $230,000, was a gift from the owner of a local luxury car dealership, for which Wade is an ambassador. One can only assume you're wondering how you can become the ambassador to your local car luxury dealership, and sadly, we don't have an answer beyond being a superstar athlete. But hey, maybe it just comes down to having the right friends in the right places.

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He's big in New York for his hands, but Victor Cruz might be even more beloved for his feet.

The New York Giants wide receiver grew up in Paterson, N.J., a little more than 10 minutes from the site of MetLife Stadium where the Giants play their home games. It was in Paterson that Cruz got the inspiration for his trademark touchdown dance.

It was Cruz's grandmother who taught him how to dance when he was 11 years old, and he does his version of a salsa dance each time he reaches the end zone for the Giants. FOX 5 New York asked Cruz what his grandma thinks of this special tribute.

"She loves it man, every time she sees it, when I come home she's always like 'I love when you do that,'" Cruz said. "All her friends call her when she's home and say they love watching me dance, so its cool. I do it for her every time."

Despite the trademark dance helping his celebrity in the Big Apple, Cruz just turned down an invitation to join the 2012 cast of Dancing with the Stars. Yahoo's Shutdown Corner reported that Cruz wasn't interested in the popular reality show's time commitments. "I'm not going to do it, I chose to decline it because I don't feel like I'm at the point of my career where I can do something like that," Cruz told Yahoo! Sports. "I'm focused on football; focused on my family right now."

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For retired athletes these days, the options for life after professional sports are usually one of these three scenarios.

1. Become a sports personality on some kind of TV station, radio station, etc., occasionally make controversial comments about ex-teams/teammates.
2. Appear on "Dancing With The Stars" or break into the acting scene by playing themselves in TV shows and movies, roles that require very little acting talent or skill.
3. Become a recluse and never speak to the media or public ever again, and/or have some kind of major scandal unveiled and become a social pariah.

Oh right, and then there's No. 4, which applies only to Eddie George, who is also an analyst for Yahoo! Sports: Take on the role of Julius Caesar in Nashville's Shakespeare Festival. Yes. You read that right.

During the trailer for the festival, he has this awesome face on where I imagine that what's happening in his mind is: "Yeah, people. It's me. Eddie George. Former unstoppable running back. Current unstoppable Shakespearean actor. I am Julius Caesar. And I am awesome. And actually, I have a lot in common with Mr. Caesar -- when I was in the NFL and I was confronted with those men who were trying to defend and stop me, I too, just like Julius, came, saw, and conquered. So basically we're the same person."

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New Orleans is a city that loves to give a warm welcome, and its beloved football team is no exception. As the Saints prepare to take on the Detroit Lions in the playoffs on Saturday, the Superdome was illuminated with a special greeting for their Midwestern feline foes.

OK, well the message isn't exactly "warm," and yeah, the photo is a fake. But Nicholas Nevares, a director with the Solomon Group who manages lighting and design for the Superdome, says it's certainly a convincing fake.

It even faked him out.

"I saw it on Facebook this morning and my first thought was, 'No one authorized this!'" Nevares says. "But it's a good duplication, it really looks like a real projection."

He checked with his staff to be sure no one managed to pull off a prank on the fly, and says it would take a lot of people and very high-tech lighting fixtures called gobos to make it happen. Nevares says the Solomon Group is slated to project a real tribute to the LSU Tigers on the Entergy building for Monday's BCS Championship.

The photo wound up on the Lions Facebook page, with the caption, "They seem to think they're ready for us." As of Thursday afternoon, there were more than 2,000 comments.

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Mike Brown is having a hard enough time making Lakers fans forget about Phil Jackson; he sure didn't need the fashion police coming down on him.

Brown, clearly not grasping the long, bitter rivalry between the Boston Celtics and his new employer, made a puzzling fashion decision involving a certain wardrobe accessory.

"I have a green sweater vest, but I can't wear the green sweater vest even though it says Lakers," Brown told the Los Angeles Times. "We have a history with Boston."

While admitting his wardrobe malfunction was called into question by someone in the Lakers organization after he wore the vest to the team's practice facility, Brown chose not to gossip on which team employee gave him the third degree over his appearance.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers franchise have won 16 titles going back to the days of Minnesota. The Paul Pierce led Celtics enjoy an NBA high 17 titles over the years going back to Bill Russell.

The heyday of the rivalry -- and some say the heyday of the sport of basketball -- came during the '80s, when the green-clad Larry Bird went up against Magic Johnson in a series of epic Finals battles.

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O! say can you hear that?

That's the sound of national anthem singers rechecking their lyric sheets, putting their ramparts in the right place and being sure to enunciate "o'er" instead of "over" in response to an Indiana bill that would fine performers $25 for not meeting state-defined performance standards.

The bill, introduced by Indiana senator Vaneta Becker, would apply only to singers at public school and university-sponsored events, and would be dictated by guidelines instituted and enforced by the State Department of Education and the Commission for Higher Education.

Performers would be required to sign a performance contract agreeing to the department's specifications, and schools would be required to keep recordings of all renditions for two years for their review if complaints are filed.

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Blondes might have more fun, but brunettes get all the glory. At least they do now in Ann Arbor.

In Tuesday night's Sugar Bowl, Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons delivered the winning kick in overtime to defeat Virginia Tech, 23-20. His clutch 37-yard field goal followed a 37-yard miss by the Hokies -- who are known for great special teams play. Gibbons' boot was a huge moment for Michigan fans, who have watched Wolverine kickers fail in big pressure situations for years.

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