If ever there were a shortage of ball boys and girls at a major tennis event, there would be no need for panic now that this Jack Russell has been discovered.

Sid Russell the Jack Russell is owned by Robert Muldoon, and the four-legged fetch fanatic is seen entertaining himself on the steps of the Paddington Basin in London.

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Granted, it's a little sad that Sid's not getting the ball thrown his way as he clearly so desperately desires. But hey, you've got to give the dog a nod (or a bone, if you wish) for his ingenuity.

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Josh Madryga is probably not a name you know, but his recent skateboarding stunt puts him closer to the company of pioneers like Tony Hawk and Shaun White.

Why? Because Madryga, who goes by the moniker MADDRAGON, knocked off what could be a skateboarding first with this side flip, which was caught on video:

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MADDRAGON is known more for his stunt work (think along the lines of the type of activities that kept the members of Jackass and their doctors busy). And while daring leaps off of buildings and dicey lawnmower chases are certainly part of his repertoire, this seemingly simple skateboard stunt should leave a mark for a while.

And he didn't even have to risk his life in the process. Which is probably also a first for him.

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Everyone's got a friend who tries to upstage everyone. The guy who does a flip when cliff diving, who pulls out the magic tricks at parties, who decides a kick is better on the boxing game at the bar than the standard punch.

This generally goes one of two ways: either the feat is completed and the showoff marches on, or an epic fail ensues that cements the wannabe's place on the food chain.

This version is, happily, the latter:

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Hey, it's a valiant effort, at least. And just think of how many more punches that bag will withstand now that it didn't face a death blow from the foot of a wayward pub ninja.

OK, not that many.

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By now, you may be familiar with the guys from Dude Perfect. These Texans have spent the better part of their college careers flooding the Web with basketball trick shots that range from impressive to insane.

Their newest challenger: Brodie Smith, the Frisbee wizard from Florida that has the world of flying discs on lockdown.

You may wonder how the two can compete. You know, since Frisbee tosses and basketball shots have about as much in common as Twitter and the Pony Express.

But what follows is simply incredible and, as far as we can tell, real. It's a jaw-dropping battle of the absurd that involves multiple targets, the Hardy Boys and ... girl scout cookies?

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You've got to give the nod to Brodie, right? Have you ever tried to throw a frisbee into a basketball hoop? Try it sometime. You're more likely to break a nearby light fixture than actually hit the hoop with the disc.

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The NHL tradition of growing playoff beards has gone to a whole new level with the growth of competitive bearding.

The second annual National Beard And Moustache Championships attracted more than 200 furry-faced competitors over the weekend in Lancaster, Pa., and picked up a corporate sponsor for the first time with Panasonic.

The competition was held at a minor-league baseball park, but the modest setting is due for an upgrade. The

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2012 event is already booked for Las Vegas.

There were five categories to account for different styles of beards and moustaches. First place in each category was $600, with $300 for the runnerup and $100 for the bronze medalist. Click here for a full breakdown of the winners.

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Let's just say it was a better day for Adrian Beltre than it was for TBS cameraman Tim Burke.

The Texas Rangers slugger cranked the first of three home runs in the second inning of Tuesday's Game 4 of the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays. As he jogged toward home, Burke moved in for a shot of the trotting hero.

And what had happened was...

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Oof. Beltre insisted to his Rangers teammates that he had nothing to do with the fall, though maybe it was the wind from his ferocious swing.

ThePostGame.com caught up with Burke in the concourse of Tropicana Field after he took the plunge, and he and his camera are fine.

"I'm OK," he said. "I'm just embarrassed with a bruised ego."

Sadly, Burke had to rush through the rest of his assignment, getting snickers and points from Rays fans along the way.

He smiled, though -- a true professional.

But when Beltre made his second and third home run circuits of the day, Burke did not attempt to run with him.

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