Prepare to be overloaded with awesomeness as two little dudes work their magic dancing to Outkast's "Hey Ya!" on a Wii video game.

Yes, the advent of movement game systems like the Wii have given us a way to get off our rears and sweat off some pounds while staying glued to the TV all day. However, the best aspect is watching others move -- like these adorable kids:

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Trust us, what you do when you're playing Wii with your friends may seem cooler than being cool, but nothing's as ice cold as when two little brothers shake it like a polaroid picture.

Clearly their parents are entertained, as they've created an entire YouTube channel devoted to these munchkins. And why shouldn't they? It was borderline unfair that they alone got this great of a performance in the first place.

So enjoy the show and don't try to top it because you won't.

As Andre 3000 says, "I'm just being honest."

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Remember Tiger Woods' yacht? It was called "Privacy." The golfer used it to try to disappear.

Well the opposite of Privacy is the History Supreme.

While Tiger's floating sanctuary went for a mere $25 million, the Daily Mail reports an anonymous Malaysian businessman just spent a whopping three billion euro for the seaborne man cave.

Why such a high price? Well, for starters, it contains 220,000 pounds of precious metals. The deck, dining room, rails and even the anchor are enveloped in solid gold. Guess it's crucial that the marine life doesn't think you're cheap.

Ah, but the History Supreme is not all garish modern luxury. After all, these are the days of "recession chic." The design draws from a simpler time -- prehistoric, to be exact. After a rigorous workout in his gym, a dip in each of his two pools and a stimulating afternoon submarine launch, the new owner can retire to his platinum trimmed master bedroom and gaze upon a meteoric stone wall adorned with pure T-Rex dinosaur bone.

But one must never miss a sales call, even while sunbathing on the starboard deck. Thankfully, Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes, the mastermind behind the History Supreme, knows every golden vessel needs accessories. His $10 million iPhone 4 is wrapped in 500 blindingly perfect diamonds.

Look for The History Supreme soon at a marina nowhere near you.

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Boats, Yacht


Perhaps you think you are a pretty good dancer.

A Safeco Field camera operator has bad news for you, though: he (or she) found a kid that will chew your moves up, spit them out and moonwalk all over them.

During a break between innings at a recent Mariners' game, this smooth criminal stole the spotlight from the hometown team by putting his dancing skills on display to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Seattle is still in the hunt in the AL West title chase, but if they fall out of it, the Mariners should sign this kid up for the rest of this season's home games.

After all, who doesn't want to see what this kid can do with "Beat It"?

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Financing an Olympic dream has never been easy.

The windfalls for Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps are the exception; struggling to pay for training sessions and travel is the rule.

That's why Australian beach volleyball player Claire Kelly's new idea may be one of the savviest business moves by an Olympic-level athlete since Phelps got a $1 million bonus from Speedo.

Kelly is selling advertising space on her body -- forever -- offering the chance to brand her with a tattoo that will be visible to potentially millions of televisions around the world. A small fee of $10,000 will get you a 2cm X 2cm space on her left arm, and $50,000 will get you a 5cm X 5cm space on her right arm or shoulder. And there are more spaces available, as well.

Kelly hopes the funds raised by her body billboard will support her and her teammate, Carla Kleverlaan, on the internationally televised world pro tour, on which you have to compete in 12 events to be eligible for the London Olympics.

That means Kelly may be covered in tattoos, but it only gives her a shot at the Olympics. She and Kleverlaan have to do the rest on the sand courts. But Kelly isn't deterred. She thinks her "London Olymp-ink" will be more than worth the temporary pain and possible long-term shame.

And if she makes the Olympics, there's more potential bang for the buck for her advertisers while she realizes her life's goal.

If she doesn’t, well, she'll have the solace of knowing she gave it a try -- and a great topic for cocktail parties.

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