The people of Earth have pondered intriguing hypothetical questions for ages.

What if the British trumped the American colonies to halt a revolution? What if Henry Ford preferred kites to cars? What if Mexican fast food was made with real meat?

One hypothetical that probably didn’t need to be answered: What would NFL team jerseys look like if they were soccer jerseys (or kits, as the footie fans say)?

Someone went to the trouble of designing 11 teams’ possible soccer kits, and they did a freaking incredible job.

The obvious knock on soccer jerseys is the advertising that dominates the front of the shirt. It’s become commonplace in nearly every world league, and so fans sort of shrug it off. The sponsor is as much of a team’s identity in a single season as the color patterns and stripe design.

In American sports leagues that don’t include soccer, though, it’s sort of considered sacrilege. It takes a soccer fan’s perspective to look past the stigma of advertising in this case, and embrace the shirts for their seemingly flawless authenticity. The regional touch with each of the 11 teams’ sponsors almost makes the brand endearing. It may even make you want to buy the product more, which is sort of the point. And even though the project was clearly done for the fun of it, those brands are getting some free commercial space in
an extremely sharp presentation.

It’s fitting that on the week of the Super Bowl, the Green Bay and Pittsburgh kits are far and away the winners in this contest. The Miller brand label looks like it has always belonged on a Packer shirt, and the bold, solid striping of the Steelers’ home kit captures the city’s signature colors and attitude perfectly. The Atlanta kits come up just short of the first two, even with a modern twist. (It’s hard to beat a good kit with a faux sash,

There are some tricky color combinations in these NFL kits that you don’t see too often in soccer leagues, particularly the red, gold and white of the Chiefs. The effort is there in the design, but some colors just can’t be helped when thrown together. The home kit is nearly a dead ringer for the Arsenal home shirt, but with yellow thrown in. It should probably have been thrown out, much like any running back Kansas City started in front of Jamaal Charles over the previous two seasons.

The Browns’ orange and brown really only work on those classic football uniform templates, and even then it’s a stretch. The Patriots, Cowboys and Bills all fall in line with modern soccer looks, but fail to capture each team’s historic aura. That said, the effort on all of the jerseys is spectacular, and better than anything we could have drawn up. But it would have been cool to see the Cowboys with a kit reminiscent of the simple white that Real Madrid wears, or for the Patriots to vaguely resemble Liverpool FC, a club now owned by the Boston Red Sox ownership group.

But the only truly disappointing part is that whoever drew the kits up didn’t take more time to keep going. What would the Yankees look like as a football –- er, soccer -- team? And while we’re at it, how would you convert the Blackhawks’ look to baseball? Would the Heat look better if they looked more like the Dolphins. (Just ask Jackie Moon.)

Let’s hope this is only the beginning -- which is a phrase we’ve said about soccer for a long, long time.

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You may have missed this a month back, but it’s worth a second look even if you saw it. It’s LePalace -- the Coconut Grove mansion LeBron James purchased for a cool $9 million. (Haters gon’ hate, but do you think LBJ would’ve found a similar waterfront crib in Cleveland?)

Let’s take a gander inside LeBron’s 20,000 square foot kingdom:

Start with the “Bar area,” because when he invites me over to hang with the crew, you will most likely find me in this particular region of the palace. He needs to stock up immediately or I am going to Chad Henne’s place instead.

Check out the guest powder room located in the southern wing of the property. For those of you who need to gargle after kissing LeBron’s posterior, this is probably the best portion of the home to execute that.

Now move to the kitchen, where the King stays nourished. Fine craftsmanship.

Then there’s the Wine Cellar -- again a very important feature. It’s designed to hold 10,000 bottles, though it probably won’t ever hold Champagne. (Sorry –- I’m a Celtics fan.)

Finally, look at the views from the upper balcony and from the lower pool. Quite nice. LeBron will most likely sit outside in the evenings and wonder why he left Cleveland. Or not.

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On Anna Kournikova’s website, under “Ask Anna,” she answers a question about planning outfits: “I don't spend a really long time picking out outfits. I just grab what fits and is comfortable.”

I wonder if Enrique Inglesias uses the same tactic for selecting the various ladies he makes out with during his concerts. How can Anna’s man go onstage, bring up chicks, and make out with them in front of thousands of people? Is it not enough that Anna K. has to deal with being a fashion icon and part-time tennis hottie to please her own fan base?

The power couple has to either laugh or fight about the makeout sessions Enrique includes in his shows. Can E! give these lovebirds a reality show so we can get to the bottom of this already?! We want to laugh along with you, Anna K., but Enrique’s sporting some “accessories” that are bringing down your brand.

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Sporting events are must to attend with your BFF or significant other, but guys always wonder: why do we try on 50 outfits and still hesitate before stepping out the door to head over to the arena? Part of it is because we have to look our best sitting down. Part is because a stadium or arena doesn’t have a fashionable dress code. It’s hard to see and be seen when the cuisine is dogs on a stick and nachos. So we can’t vamp it up, but can’t be outdone by the rich and famous in the front row, either.

I have found it best to start with the shoes. I always looked to Beyonce for guidance; she always seems to compliment Jay-Z’s “Rocawear Jersey” slash “Mogul Rapper” look on the court sidelines. But I need more variety to pull from. As much as the skinny girl next to me can pull flats off with a babydoll dress and an oversize designer duffle, “Flats” are not an option. In fact, “Flats” were derived from the term “Not Flattering.”

Behold the solution for every sporting event: The Running Shoe Heel. It’s sporty and stylish combined. Check out Rihanna at the All-Star Game and Victoria Beckham throwing the first pitch at the Mets Game. Cute right? Though DO NOT go overboard with your partnering outfit, or you’ll look like “hot sporting mess” (see: Campbell, Naomi). Going overboard can destroy the “sport chic”, and make The Running Shoe Heel tacky and wasteful.

These running shoe heel types can be boots or shoes, it really depends on your style and how you envision rockin’ ‘em. (It also may depend on the weather.) This is also a great strategy to attend games with that special someone and show off to those other women in the arena suffering from “T-shirt trauma with bad Sketchers.” Give those struggling female sport attendees a smile across the arena, and encourage them to put in a little extra effort next time.

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I grew up playing sports, taking jazz and tap, going to Blue Jays games in Toronto where I grew up, catching Leafs games in the evenings with Dad, and training for golf every day in bad outfits. I never understood why golfers had to dress like uncomfortable nerds. It’s still a struggle to find something to wear for nine holes and a few cocktails with the girls!

I currently live in Las Vegas and run a business called Play Golf Designs Inc., where I work with 24 fabulous female professional golfers and create unique events for charities and corporations.

Games are great, but the lifestyle of athletes fascinates me most. Athletes earn big homes, fast cars, VIP treatment and the greatest of temptations. StylePoints will give you a witty insight into who’s handling the good life best –- and worst. Who’s living it up? Who’s dumbing it down? Who’s driving what? Who’s wearing what? And how can we pick and choose from the most fashionable wardrobes on the planet?

StylePoints will be as sharp as the best NBA Draft night suit, and hopefully as entertaining as the best red carpet show. So step to the front of the ropeline, and let’s get caught looking.

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