LeBron James

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. With that title, comes some leeway. That is why James is not even wearing his own jersey number at practice.

James whipped out No. 6 at Cavs' training camp.

James has worn No. 6 for Team USA and the Miami Heat. In high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary and in both Cavs' stints, James has worn 23, Michael Jordan's old Bulls number.

"It's just a number of mine," James says. "One of my two numbers–6,23."

OK, but you are officially No. 23. Can you just wear No. 6? Is that even legal?

"It's my practice jersey," James says. "It's like Deion (Sanders) when he was at Florida State he wore like 2 in practice and when he went to the pros he wore 2 in practice but wore 21 on the playing field. It's like that."

Well, that explains the do-rag at practice. James is going for the "Prime Time" look.

Freshman year at FSU. Lolol. No Swagg at this stage but I sho could flat out play! #Confidence #Truth

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James wore the No. 6 jersey for a Cavaliers scrimmage, and he plans on wearing No. 23 for Cleveland's preseason opener Wednesday. James' No. 23 Cavs jersey was the top-selling jersey during the regular season last year. But Stephen Curry surpassed James in the playoffs in sales (and beat himJames in the NBA Finals).

No current Cavalier wears No. 6, and after this news, no future Cavalier will consider the number until James retires.

Besides, six is only a sacred number in Drake's Toronto. And we're talking 'bout practice. Not a game.

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