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A Tacoma, Washington, elementary school's "Blue Friday" tradition turned into public mess when one teacher took issue with a 5-year-old's dress.

The problem: The girl's outfit was in honor of the Denver Broncos. And in Tacoma, which is just outside of Seattle, the Seahawks are the NFL team of choice.

So one girl's teacher played hardball: Either she came to school wearing Seahawks clothing or she wore the standard uniform required all other days of the week.

You probably know how this turned out.

According to KDVR, the family of the girl was outraged. "They should not discriminate against her," said the girl's grandmother. "She's 5 years old.

"She should be able to wear whatever she wants to wear on 'Blue Friday.'"

The girl's grandmother took her issues to the principal, where -- fortunately -- the matter was quickly resolved: The girl was allowed to wear whatever she wanted to support her team, Broncos or otherwise.

The school district also sounded off, saying the teacher didn't "understand the full scope" of the "Blue Friday" tradition, and that the girl was free to wear whatever she wanted.

So justice was finally served, and a Denver Broncos dress is welcome at school. But the girl's grandmother is still upset that the issue came up in the first place.

"We trust her to ... this teacher every day, to teach her, to protect her, to build up her self-esteem not tear her down because of a football game," she told KDVR.

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