DeAngelo Hall gave away his shoes. Now, he needs them back.

OK, he doesn't need the actual shoes -- just what's inside of them. See, when the Washington cornerback signed his football cleats and gave them away to fans, he forgot to take out his highly valued, apparently very-difficult-to-replace insoles.

They're either so expensive or carry so much meaning for Hall, that instead of buying new ones he's trying to track them down.

Human history has never seen such a concerted effort to track down lost insoles. There's good news, though: Some fans have come forward and plan to return their gift to Hall.

But they only have one of the shoes.

And thus, Hall continues his quest for the second of his two shoes, and the prized treasure they harbor.

If you know anything about the second shoe, please reach out to DeAngelo Hall ASAP. This is very important. Name your ransom, set your conditions, but please ensure that the insole is returned safely home.

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