The season hasn't started, but Nebraska defensive end Ross Dzuris is getting a lot of national praise -- for his mustache.

The junior recently made local headlines for earning a scholarship from the Huskers after walking on to start his career. But his beautifully sculpted facial hair has caught on like wildfire online.

According to 247Sports, Dzuris takes great care in keeping his old-fashioned 'stache on-point.

"He styles it all the time in the locker room with gel, and he's got this little comb," teammate Maliek Collins told 247Sports.

The risk of such daring grooming, of course, is that it becomes a distraction. But Dzuris has managed to impress on the field as well as in the glamour pages of 1800s-era men's fashion magazines.

Collins described him as a "consistent" player who is "never flustered. He kept plugging along."

As a likely second-stringer, Dzuris isn't on the long list for this year's Heisman. He may never be known more for football than his mustache.

But when you carry around a facial-hair comb, you probably know what you're getting into.

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