Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is something like the Dennis Rodman of football.

He overflows with energy, which earns him into both fame and trouble. The ultra-skilled Italian striker is a lot to handle personality-wise, and he has been passed through four mega-clubs in the past eight years (Inter, Manchester City, A.C. Milan, Liverpool).

The 25-year-old's immaturity has been at the forefront of the media since his Inter debut as a 17-year-old.

Even so, kids can now try to channel their outrageous idol -- and his signature style. This week, Puma released a junior soccer cleats line inspired by Balotelli.

All of the materials are blue and white, as Puma is the kit provider of Balotelli's Italy National Team. The motto, "Why always me?" is an ode to a shirt Balotelli wore in 2011 after scoring a goal against Manchester United while with Manchester City. Balotelli, then just 21, was mocking the media for continuing to paint him with a sophomoric image.

As for the fuzz, Puma is trying to weave Balotelli's signature mohawk into the shoes. So, yes, children can buy cleats with a mohawk on them. The ball has the hair too.

The boots are official known as the "Puma Kids MB 9 FG Jr Soccer Cleats." The shoes are not the same footwear Balotelli uses, but a variation made for youths.

Balotelli is currently rifting with Liverpool and the club has kept him out of the lineup for its first two fixtures. If another high-profile team has the funds and patience to attain Balotelli, he will likely transfer to a new club soon.

Mario Balotelli

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