With arguably the best conference in the country under scrutiny at SEC Media Day on Tuesday, you'd figure that football would be the main subject of discussion.

Except a certain Mississippi State coach and his shoes stole the spotlight. Dan Mullen got "swagged up" with a pair of the new Adidas Yeezy sneakers, made famous by Kanye West, or Yeezus if you will.

Once word got out about Mullen's swag, questions starting flying his way about the new kicks. Mississippi State is, after all, an Adidas school. It only makes sense that he'd show off the newest Adidas product.

Even quarterback Dak Prescott had to comment on his coach's shoes. You know you're doing something right, as a college football coach, when your players are envious of your wardrobe.

It's safe to say that if Mississippi State doesn't win the SEC this year, at least Mullen will look good in the process. So far, there's been no comment from West himself and whether he'll be rooting for the Bulldogs this season.

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