A Washington Nationals fan had his endless battle with a rain poncho broadcast by MASN, providing a cathartic moment to a nation of people who knew is pain.

The unidentified man is shown trying to fish his way into the transparent poncho, taking off his hat and trying to put on the protective covering as you would any other piece of attire.

But a poncho is not so easily conquered. Once inside, the man struggles to find the appropriate holes for his head and arms. At one point he places his hands on the walls of the poncho, trapped within a plastic bag of emotion.

The broadcast then cuts away to watch the ensuing Nationals pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays. Then, as soon as possible, we're back to the man, who has made some progress and is now trying to re-don his hat -- albeit not without some difficulty.

Thanks to whoever demanded we cut back to the poncho fight as quickly as possible. Within the larger context of the Nationals game, one man's struggle against a rain poncho provided the most satisfying subplot.

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