After Stan Wawrinka's impressive victory over Novak Djokovic, people can't stop talking about the French Open champ's shots -- and shorts.

Mind-bending shots like this one led Djokovic to call Wawrinka's backhand "one of the best" he's seen in the game.

As for the shorts, well, it doesn't take a tennis enthusiast to appreciate them.

Throughout the tournament Wawrinka wore a pair of red, white and grey checked shorts that quickly became the talk of Twitter. Lots of people loved the shorts, including one mom who knows a thing or two about tennis:

But not everyone had nice things to say:

Wawrinka himself didn't approve of the shorts initially but came to cherish them by the end of the tournament:

He even brought a pair with him to his postmatch press conference:

Fans looking for another colorful Grand Slam outfit from Wawrinka will have to wait until the U.S. Open, as Wimbledon has a strict all-white rule.

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