Kevin Durant's new deal with Nike last summer has culminated in a new basketball shoe set for release this summer.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star's KD8 is being touted as perhaps the most technologically advanced shoe ever made, and Nike is branding the KD8 as the game-changing shoe that will lead Durant back to greatness after a season plagued by injury.

Nike has designed the shoe to feature an upper section made by its patented Flyweave, which weaves materials together into a precise knit inspired by the fabrics and materials used for space travel. Flyweave has been used by Nike in several of its shoes dating back to Kobe Bryant's footwear line in 2013.

Durant's shoe will also feature Zoom Air cushioning that uses strategically placed pockets of cushioning to provide ideal support for Durant's foot. Given the Thunder star's foot troubles, the cushioning and support is a clear emphasis for his shoe.

Durant's shoe is personalized with images recalling a sabertooth tiger, including a fang image added to the back of the heel. Durant has embraced the sabertooth tiger as an animal he tries to emulate on the court -- he even has a sabertooth tattoo on his right leg. His shoes will now be an extension of that mindset.

The KD8 is going to retail for $225, and it's available in stores starting today. Nike will also release a limited edition Fourth of July version of the shoe, which is predominantly blue instead of red. But the real measure of the KD8's success will be how Durant's shoe sales compare to other basketball players. After missing most of the past NBA season, he doesn't carry nearly as much momentum into the offseason.

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