Duke Ihenacho is making himself comfortable at Washington Redskins minicamp.

The 25-year-old safety showed up to practice wearing Chuck Taylors one day and slippers on another occasion. And somehow he managed not to get hurt.

In truth, Ihenacho only taped his cleats to look like other types of shoes, but he did an exceptionally good job. Here he is with the Chuck Taylor-inspired look:

And then recently with his "slippers:"

Ihenacho first started this tradition while he was a member of the Denver Broncos. Once a week, on what he dubbed "Flashy Fridays," he would make some alteration in his uniform.

With the NFL maintaining a super strict uniform policy, it seems unlikely that Ihenacho could get away with wearing these kicks during a game, but props to him for bringing out his creative side in practice.

Whatever is on Ihenacho's feet in 2015, Redskins fans hope it will help keep his lower body injury free. Before his senior year at San Jose State, Ihenacho suffered a broken metatarsal in one foot and a Lisfranc fracture in another. Then, during week 3 of the 2014 NFL season, Ihenacho went down with a season-ending fracture in his left foot.

What's next for Ihenacho? A Twitter follower suggested sandals, but Ihenacho said he's done that design in the past.

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