There can be a steep learning curve for NFL rookies. Not only is there the pressure of trying to prove yourself to new coaches and teammates, there are added difficulties associated with learning the playbook, moving to a new city and managing finances.

Beyond all of those things, there's also the small but significant issue of learning to tie a tie.

For some guys, that's a skill they already have. For others, like many members of the Detroit Lions' rookie class, there's a learning curve.

Here's a video the team posted to Vine:

The voice you hear belongs to Ray Hines, a fashion consultant at Paul Cicchini Custom Clothier. The Lions bring Hines in to speak during their Rookie Training Week, a precursor to the NFL-sponsored Rookie Symposium in Cleveland.

You'll notice the team's first-round draft pick, offensive lineman Laken Tomlinson, has already mastered this skill. As demonstrated by his draft-day look, Tomlinson has a good handle on ties:

If you think this is a skill that these men should already have, you're not alone:

Other people thought this was a valuable life lesson:

Knowing how thorough NFL teams are with their pre-draft analysis, it's somewhat surprising that the Lions didn't only draft players who can tie their own ties. Before long tying a tie may be an event at the NFL Combine.

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