The NBA draft is always a big day for fashion -- not necessarily in the trend-setting way, but in terms of seeing how players choose to present themselves.

Without fail, players choose outfits that reflect their personalities -- and, in some ways, their playing styles as well. Guys who stand out, who bring a swagger to their game -- for better or for worse -- often want to start standing out right from the get-go.

One of the pre-draft process's best source of one-line quotes is Kelly Oubre, who played college ball at Kansas. He showed up at the NBA draft with what may be a first: Smoking slippers detailed with shiny spikes.

Several players wore eye-catching smoking slippers to the draft, each of them taking a distinct approach to presentation:

D'Angelo Russell went for something a little more understated. Along with a scarlet red suit that served as an homage to Ohio State, where he rose to stardom, Russell accessorized with some custom trinkets:

Perhaps the best instance of self-adoring fashion, though, dangles from the neck of Willie Cauley-Stein, the former Kentucky star-turned No. 6 pick of the Sacramento Kings.

For draft night, Cauley-Stein had a custom medallion made that features an emblem using his initials -- one he hopes will catch on as a part of his brand, we can only presume.

Reviews so far are mixed, with some liking the medallion and others criticizing it as way too much branding consideration before he's proven anything on the court.

All in all, a good effort by the class of 2015.

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