Last week, Dwyane Wade invited 15 local foster teens from the "Voices for Children" program into the Miami Heat locker room. While there, the lucky boys got to shake hands with Wade and ask him questions about life and success.

And each one of them walked away with a huge gift: A custom-fitted suit hand-chosen by Wade and his personal stylist.

The event was done in partnership with Hublot, and Wade took some time to emphasize the importance of presenting yourself well in the world. He said those prom suits were a "first step" but that they would go a long way in helping the boys make strong impressions in the future.

Wade also talked about being motivated by the poverty and tough living conditions he was in as a child. He was determined to get out and make a better life for himself, and he said that group of teenagers had similar opportunities if they worked hard.

"My message to you guys is don't give up," Wade told the group. "Don’t quit on whatever your dreams and your hopes and your beliefs are, if you really want it bad enough."

It would appear Wade has a thing for high school prom as a special occasion for high schoolers. A couple of years ago, he responded to a young fan's video invitation to prom by surprising her at her house and accompanying her to the dance -- along with her date, who knew he stood in Wade's large shadow.

Here's a news recap of that surprise:

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