It's a horrible pun, but it's true: The Left Shark crazy has officially jumped the shark.

After striking down the attempts of others to cash in on the Internet craze that is Left Shark, Katy Perry has churned out an opportunistic product of her own.

You -- yes, you -- can now own your very own Left Shark onesize, courtesy of Katy Perry's online store.

This iconic item covers you top to bottom and is available for the low introductory price of $130 -- an absolute bargain if you're an heir to the Hilton fortune or a member of Forbes' recently published list of billionaires.

Easily the best feature of this onesie is that, according to the pictures, you can zip up your head-hole to completely envelop your body in Left Shark.

That's right -- it doubles as a body bag.

It wasn't hard to see something on this order coming down the pike, considering that Katy Perry's legal team filed a trademark to Left Shark just five days after her Super Bowl performance. Her representatives went so far as to send cease-and-desist letters to people selling Left Shark products online.

Still, it's a bit sickening to imagine how many people will leap at this opportunity.

Perry will be roaring all the way to the bank.

From the Super Bowl performance:

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