The star of the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao press conference was not one of the fighters.

No, the man who gained the most publicity from the boxers' Los Angeles meeting with the media was someone who most sports fans had never heard of before Wednesday.

Richard Sturm, the President of Entertainment and Sports for MGM International, stole the show. Specifically, Sturm's luscious hair set off a Twitter firestorm.

Here's why:

As one can imagine, the memes to come out of the press conference were as funny as they were numerous.

Anyone who follows boxing knows the sport is full of hype and hot air, and while it would be nice to believe Sturm's hair is the real deal, there were some naysayers on Twitter.

Sturm knows a thing or two about theatrics. He's scored numerous big ticket acts for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and is considered responsible for booking Barbara Streisand in 1993 after her 20-year absence.

Here's to hoping Sturm doesn't get a haircut before May 2.

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