An enormous statue and a personal museum aren't enough for Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 30-year-old Real Madrid striker apparently needs a wax sculpture of himself, and he needs that sculpture to look as pristine as he does.

Specifically, Ronaldo is concerned with the silky locks of his wax figurine. A member of Madrid's wax museum, where Ronaldo's figure has been on display, told a local radio station about the unusual work that goes into maintaining the sculpture's look.

"Cristiano told us to be sure his figure was perfect," Gonzalo Presa told Cadena Ser Catalunya. "He sent his own hairstylist to brush his figure once a month. Cristiano's hair is natural. It is not a wig and it comes from India."

Talk about vanity. Among American athletes perhaps only Alex Rodriguez, who reportedly has a painting of himself as a centaur, can match Ronaldo's inflated sense of self.

Of course, a hairstylist for a wax figurine is something you can afford if you earn $80 million per year.

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