The New England Patriots on Sunday earned themselves Super Bowl rings while team owner Robert Kraft scored a new pair of cufflinks.

Kraft, who has overseen the Patriots during each of their four Super Bowl championships over the past 15 years, was spotted wearing what appeared to be Super Bowl ring cufflinks at Sunday's game.

This fashion choice predictably set Twitter aflame with commentary. Perhaps, some wondered, Kraft was keeping his rings close to the rest so a certain Russian politician wouldn't rob him?

Or perhaps he just wanted everyone to know that he is "a boss." Kraft is, after all, worth a cool $4 billion.

The theories behind Kraft's cufflinks came fast and furious:

This isn't the first time Kraft has worn his wealth on his sleeves. He's been known to wear ostentatious cufflinks, and his accessories have even impressed the most flamboyant pro athlete of all, Floyd Mayweather.

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