Craig Sager announced his likely return to the broadcasting game in the only way he could -- with a loud, ridiculous suit only he could pull off.

As part of the TNT broadcast of last weekend's NBA All-Star Game, Sager said that he is almost ready to end a hiatus from sideline reporting that began last April, when he started treatments to battle leukemia. Sager set March 1 as his hopeful date of return to broadcasting, with hopes of participating full-time from that point.

"I think I’m on my road back, and I’m looking forward to being back there healthy in March, April, looking forward to the playoffs," Sager told Inside the NBA.

Of course, the message could have easily been missed by anyone too distracted by the crazy outfit he wore for the segment:

Sager also conducted an interview with Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony, who made sure Sager knew his presence was a welcome sight.

"Let me start off my saying: We miss you," Anthony told Sager. "The game hasn’t been the same, the sideline hasn’t been the same without seeing you out there. You’re in my family’s prayers, you’re in my prayers, so we hope to see you back out here soon."

Sager has received an outpouring support from across the NBA, highlighting well-wishes and gifts from coaches including San Antonio's Gregg Popovich and Miami's Erik Spoelstra. He also singled out Nets center Kevin Garnett as “the first one to send flowers.”

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