Tom Brady is going to get mocked for his disaster of a hairstyle at Super Bowl media day.

For example, we could suggest that his look was inspired by this Cameron Diaz classic from "There's Something About Mary."

But perhaps the joke is on the rest of us. Maybe Brady is just smart enough to know that if he shows up for the freak show of Super Bowl media day with a zany haircut, everybody will be buzzing about it -- and not DeflateGate.

It is a sound political and military strategy. It's pre-emptive, and it's diversionary.

Brady's hair has been the subject of some media intrigue during his career, so he knows this is a topic that will command some attention.

He has taken lots of shots about his hair already, so if it helps push DeflateGate to the backburner, it is definitely worth it for Brady.

Brady was the last Patriot to arrive on the interview floor Tuesday, and one of the first questions for him was about his wife, supermodel Gisele. Where was she?

"At home with the kids," Brady said.

Another non-DeflateGate topic was his alma mater, Michigan, hiring Jim Harbaugh as its new football coach.

"Hopefully we can beat Ohio State and figure out how to beat those guys," Brady said. "They look pretty tough to beat these days."

But back to the haircut. Compare his media-day look with those he trotted out while accompanying Gisele, often on formal occasions, and you can see that he isn't shy about experimenting:

Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

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