Andrew Luck went face-to-face with J.J. Watt twice this year while standing behind a leaky offensive line.

Yet Luck managed to beat the Texans both times and lead his Colts to the AFC divisional round.

If you want to find something that really scares the 25-year-old Luck, look beyond Watt and into the razor aisle at your local pharmacy.

In a conference call with Denver reporters ahead of Indianapolis' clash with the Broncos, Luck admitted that one of the main reasons he's kept his considerable mane is that he is scared of, you guessed it, razor burn.

"To be honest, I don’t like shaving during the season. Razor burn," Luck told reporters. “If you grow it this long, you might as well keep it."

Luck, who led all quarterbacks this year with 40 touchdown passes, assured reporters that he gets grief about the look from the women in his life. But that's not enough to get him to take action.

"I know it’s a bad look. My girlfriend tells me every day. My mom tells me," Luck said. “I realize it’s a bad look. But I’m not going for any specific look.”

Sorry, Colts fans, but if Luck's mom and girlfriend can't convince him to change, no one can. So, at least for the time being (before an endorsement opportunity for a soothing skin-care product develops), you'll have to put up with the Civil War general comparisons and the Amish jokes while your quarterback throws for 4,700 yards.

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