For his team's trip to New York to play the Jets, Von Miller made sure to dress the part.

The Denver Broncos LB, who is known for his fashion-forward thinking, rocked a pair of sparkling boots and a bizarre haircut for Sunday's game. After seeing the photos, you may not be surprised to read that neither Miller's shoes nor his hair received positive reviews on Twitter:

One fan took the opportunity to poke fun at Miller's positive marijuana test from 2011:

And if you thought the criticism for his shoes was tough, wait until you see what people said about Miller's hair:

As head-scratching as Miller's outfit was, it managed to avoid the torrent of criticism lobbed at Cam Newton when the Panthers quarterback showed up to a postgame press conference earlier this season in a lavender blazer and leggings.

Miller, who returned to the field this year after tearing his ACL last December, was leading the Broncos on Sunday with four tackles before a hit on Chris Ivory forced Miller to hit the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion. Thankfully for everyone involved, Miller cleared concussion protocol and says the reason he had to be taken into the locker room was because he lost a contact lens on the play.

On the season, Miller leads the Broncos with six sacks through five games.

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