Ameer Abdullah is having a special senior season at Nebraska, and the running back's farewell tour has turned him into one of the most celebrated stars in Husker football history.

After a stunning start to the season, which included a game-winning touchdown reception that saved Nebraska from the possibility of a crushing loss to McNeese State, the Cornhuskers athletic department revved up a Heisman campaign for Abdullah, complete with custom-made AA batteries that featured his initials and likeness.

That's not the only way Abdullah is managing to draw attention. As the rain came down in Lincoln earlier this week, students caught Abdullah on campus this week carrying around a pink umbrella:

Abdullah embraced the attention, retweeting several pictures and comments from fans and peers who saw him. This comes just days after Abdullah chose to spend the team's off week enjoying the most unlikely of luxuries: a Nebraska swimming and diving meet.

Not content to win merely the Heisman, Abdullah also wants to win hearts. Although the Heisman thing is not out-of-reach:

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