Nike didn't waste much time making a splash with Kevin Durant after he decided to stay with the company despite a tempting offer from Under Armour.

The KD7 Easy Money shoe, which will be released to the public Sept. 10, is pushing a lightning theme. That's how Nike is including Ben Franklin, who was famously zapped while flying a kite, in the campaign for this model.

The connection to Franklin is also in the shade of green that is featured on the shoe. It's the same as the one on the $100 bill, which has Franklin's face on it.

Nike's 10-year deal will reportedly pay Durant between $265 million and $285 million.

One edge that Under Armour had in its sales pitch to Durant was the hometown card. Headquartered in Baltimore, Under Armour is located just 36 miles from where Durant grew up in Maryland. Given this, the silhouette of Maryland on the Easy Money shoe is Nike's not-so-subtle way of taking a victory lap.

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