It was hard enough for Panthers fans to sit through their team's 37-19 drubbing at the hands of the Steelers on Sunday night, so one can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw what Cam Newton wore to his postgame press conference.

The Pro Bowl quarterback, who was pulled in the third quarter Sunday for his own protection, donned a lavender blazer, leggings and slippers to his media session following his team's loss.

While Newton had a solid game -- he threw for 250 yards and one touchdown -- the fact that his team lost made some question his choice of attire.

The comparisons came fast and furious, with Twitter users throwing out everyone from congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to a character from "The Watchmen" to Batman:

This isn't the first time Newton has worn a questionable outfit to his postgame press conference, but at least in the previous instances of indiscretion he could argue that his clothes were found in the menswear section of the store.

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