Things got pretty awkward Monday in Paris as not one but two different matches featured players wearing the same outfits.

The first was David Ferrer's victory over Kevin Anderson, in which during the match Ferrer changed into the exact same shirt that Anderson. Both men are sponsored by Lotto.

In fairness to Ferrer and Anderson, there are slight differences between these outfits -- Ferrer is wearing a headband and the two have differently colored shorts and wristbands.

But later on, in Andy Murray's three-set win over Fernando Verdasco, the differences weren't as distinct.

Both Murray and Verdasco, who are sponsored by Adidas, wore a white cap, a bright yellow shirt and black shorts. They even had matching wristbands -- black on the right hand and yellow on the left.

The similarities made it hard for viewers on TV to tell the pair apart:

After comments from Maria Sharapova recently, Verdasco is probably pretty embarrassed that he showed up to the court wearing the same attire as Murray.

"Well, from what I've seen and noticed, you like to wear things a little bit baggier than maybe they should be," Sharapova told Murray, half-jokingly, about his fashion. "So I would probably advise you to maybe hire a tailor. It’s not very expensive, I'm sure you can afford it. You know it just has to be a little smaller, a little tighter, European style. I think you would look good with that."