The West Virginia Power, the Pirates' Class A affiliate in Charleston, W.V., hosted the Lakewood BlueClaws in its third annual "Redneck Night." If it might have been incongruous to the theme to have a sushi stand at the event, perhaps things were balanced out by the ballpark divorce.

The Power live tweeted some of the highlights for its followers. In the morning came the pump-up picture:

The afternoon brought out some red solo cups:

Red solo cups can only last so long. The Power followed with an image of the night's giveaway, a mason jar mug:

This may come as a surprise, but sushi appears to have been adopted as a rural delicacy by the Power. It appears Twinkies may be among the "stuff" other than sushi being sold at the stand.

A southern band was out in full swing. Overalls fit the theme:

As fans rolled into the park, many were directed to the redneck photo booth. Red solo cups, kegs and a NASCAR fan (cameo by Jeff Gordon) were available as props.

And of course, what would the night be without a redneck wedding:

According to, there were also redneck-themed games, the first-ever ballpark divorce and a special guest appearance. Such events did not make the Twitter feed.

The spirit of the day did not help the Power. They were grounded by the BlueClaws, 7-0. Despite coming from New Jersey and the Philadelphia Phillies' farm system, Lakewood proved unaffected by the redneck atmosphere.