New England Patriots fans can feel a little more comfortable buying their favorite player's jersey, even if they're not sure how much longer he'll be on the team.

That's because the Patriots have become the first team to offer rebates to anyone who buys the jersey of a player who is no longer on the team within a year of the purchase.

Darren Rovell of ESPN reports that the Patriots extended the offer in an email to fans.

During the past year, Patriots supporters have seen fan favorites like Tim Tebow and LeGarrette Blount come and go without spending a year in Foxboro, Mass. Following Aaron Hernandez's arrest on murder charges, New England also offered a trade-in program for fans who had purchased one of his jerseys.

Recently, the Patriots signed Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis to a one-year deal.

With the Patriots' new program, fans can earn a 25 percent rebate on a new jersey if the player of their original jersey is not under contract with the team one year after the purchase. After the termination of the player's contract, fans will have two months to make the new purchase. And they will not have to trade in the original jersey.

This should come as a relief to fans, not only because of the aforementioned movement within the Patriots' organization, but because jersey prices are taking another jump this year. Rovell notes that the NFL's limited jersey will cost $150 this year, up from $135 last year. Meanwhile the elite jersey, which is the closest to what players wear during games, will be $295, up from $250.