It's one thing to have a ceremony honoring Derek Jeter, which the Astros are planning on Wednesday.

Even though the Yankees shortstop only played in Houston a handful of times, the Astros will pay tribute to him Wednesday with a ceremony that will include his former teammates (and one-time Astros) Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.

It's an entirely different thing for a team to sell Derek Jeter T-shirts at their own team store. Houston Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon snapped this photo from Minute Maid Park this week:

It's not entirely unusual for a club to be selling a visiting team's merchandise, and the Yankees do have the largest fan base of any MLB team. But it's still a little bizarre to see one club profiting on the merchandise of another team's player.

Jeter's 20th and final MLB season got off to rough start in Houston, as he was hit by a pitch on his first at-bat. The Yankees went on to lose, 6-2.