Of the NFL's three top-selling jerseys for February, two belong to quarterbacks but the third isn't even a player.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports that Seattle fans have been snatching up "12th Fan" jerseys in droves, making it the NFL's third most popular jersey from February and the 10th most popular this sales year. The only better selling jerseys in February were those belonging to Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson.

In the sales period beginning April 1, 2013, the "12th Fan" jersey has sold more than last year's top seller, Robert Griffin III jerseys. Normally Seattle's boisterous crowd goes by the "12th Man" moniker, but seeing as that phrase is trademarked by Texas A&M, the Seahawks have devised a creative way to get around that label when selling jerseys.

Rovell reports that the Seahawks have sold more merchandise than any other team in the league since April 1, 2013. In that timeframe, they've got three players in the top 10 of jersey sales: Wilson (No. 1), Marshawn Lynch (No. 5) and Richard Sherman (No. 6).

It has been a big year for Seattle fans. They set the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd noise -- twice.

On Sept. 15, Seahawks fans registered 136.6 decibels during a Sunday night game against the 49ers. The previous record for loudest crowd was 131.76 decibels by soccer fans in Istanbul.

The Seahawks' record only lasted a month as Kansas City Chiefs fans pushed the needle to 137.5 decibels at Arrowhead Stadium during a 24-7 win against the Raiders.

But Seattle recaptured the mark Dec. 2 during a 34-7 Monday night victory against the Saints with a reading of 137.6.

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