Just as unbelievable as Virginia's ascent from fifth place to its first conference championship since 1976 is the story of how one fan celebrated with the Cavaliers on the court after they beat Duke in the ACC tournament final.

The young man, a college sophomore named Danny, detailed his story on Barstool Sports. And while it sounds like an elaborate farce, he's got the pictures and video evidence to back up his story.

Danny says he went to Virginia's ACC semifinal matchup against Pitt and realized all the Cavalier assistant coaches were wearing the same thing -- a suit with an orange tie. After the game he went to Walmart and bought the same ensemble.

The next day he returned for Virginia's game against Duke, wearing his newly acquired clothes (all photos via Barstool).

Danny spent some of the championship game on the court level, posing as an usher and an assistant coach. After the final buzzer, he stepped onto the court and followed the Virginia assistants as they shook hands with their Duke counterparts. Below is Danny greeting Coach K:

At one point, someone with Virginia asked Danny whether he was with the school. After Danny responded that he was, the Virginia assistant called him out on it.

"I know," Danny said, according to Barstool, "I'm with the Coliseum. But why not have a little fun?"

After the assistant laughed and walked away, Danny proceeded to get his photo taken with the trophy.

The same Virginia official noticed him again and this time asked security whether Danny was with the arena. By this time Danny knew he shouldn't test his luck, so he climbed back into the stands and left with his family.

So for the price of admission and a Walmart suit, this fan not only got to celebrate on the court with Virginia, he now has a story that he'll be telling for his entire life. Not a bad deal.