Jim Harbaugh's wife, Sarah, won't be too happy when she sees what her husband wore during a business trip this week.

Earlier this year Sarah said she was sick of the pleated pants that her husband wears on gameday. He found them at Walmart, she said, for $8.

Either Harbaugh hasn't had time to go shopping, or he's just too happy with his pants, but recently he's been spotted wearing the khakis in different states on different days. On Tuesday Harbaugh was at Northwestern University's pro day where he scouted and played catch with Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

What was he wearing then?

Later that night Harbaugh attended a high school basketball game in Missouri where his brother-in-law coaches. He was wearing khaki pants there, although to be fair this was the same day.

On Wednesday Harbaugh spoke to the men's basketball team at Kansas and, lo and behold, he was wearing what appears to be his exact gameday outfit -- a 49ers hat, a long sleeve shirt and khaki pants.

For the record, Harbaugh makes $5 million a year. A wardrobe update shouldn't be out of the question.