Every so often, it seems, we get an update about Brett Favre.

Either he's coaching a high school team to the state championship or he's saying he sees a lot of himself in Johnny Manziel. Or perhaps he has just been secretly preparing himself to attend a lumberjack convention.

A Twitter user with the handle @CLEsportsFan10 posted this image from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons' Annual Scientific Conference in Orlando. It's of him and Favre like you've never seen the quarterback before:

A lot has changed since last year, when Favre showed up to the Super Bowl looking like this:

And here he is now:

No wonder a few NFL teams were reportedly calling Favre in the fall about a comeback. He may be grey, but he's still jacked and looks like he could throw a football 80 yards.

The photos prompted much speculation as to what Favre may be filming that requires him to look like this:

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