This is probably not how Kyle Zimmer wanted to start his career with the Royals.

The 22-year-old pitching phenom, who was the fifth overall pick of the 2012 draft, is attending his first Spring Training with the big league club.

When asked about his experience in Arizona, Zimmer let slip a phrase that some Kansas City players were not too happy with.

"So I'm still relatively new to it, but it's great just being around some of these old guys and picking up tidbits here and there as I can," he told "Just being around in the atmosphere of getting going is fun."

Old guys, eh? Kansas City's veterans took offense to those words, and as payback they got jerseys with "Old Guy" and "Real Old Guy" printed on the back.

"You've got to be careful around here what you say in the newspaper," said Kansas City 'old guy' James Shields. "You never know who's reading."

Fortunately for the Royals, Zimmer seems to have taken the joke in stride.