Good thing the Cincinnati Reds' mascot, Mr. Redlegs, doesn't actually play for the team. Because if he did, he might have to shave his trademark mustache.

Cincinnati's new manager, Bryan Price, has established a strict policy when it comes to facial hair. It allows for beards and mustaches but requires they be "tame."

One can see the irony, then, in the Reds' mascot's robust mustache.

Something tells us this wouldn't be considered "tame."

The American Mustache Institute issued a statement slamming the Reds for their new policy, and in it they cited Mr. Redlegs as an example of the team's hypocrisy.

"Coming from a team with one of the most ruggedly handsome mascots, this is a sad and unexpected move from the bald-faced front office in Southern Ohio," the leader of the Pittsburgh-based organization said. "Frankly, we at the AMI are very disappointed in the discriminatory actions coming from the Reds front office. The mere thought that one could 'tame' the facial hair of world class athletes is laughable, at best. From a strategic standpoint, this policy should not sit well with the Cincinnati fan base."

The New York Yankees have a longstanding "no facial hair" policy, and it's worked well for them over the history of their organization. But the Reds are far from the Yankees, and if the 2013 Boston Red Sox are any indication, facial hair upkeep and winning have little if any correlation.