Don't feel too bad for McKenzie Jane Brown.

Brown, a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan, recently heard that a local radio station was giving away tickets to one of the Seahawks' playoff games to the fan with the best Seahawks-related photo. Brown, who already has 10 tattoos, decided an 11th was in order. Luckily, her husband is a tattoo artist.

Brown (below) shaved off the hair on the left side of her head and got the Seahawks' "12th man" logo tattooed on her cranium. Pretty loyal if you ask us.

As it turns out, Brown lost the contest for the tickets to a man dressed in a Seahawks-themed Batman costume. Bummer.

While Brown was disappointed, she says she doesn't regret the decision.

"I came in second, but nothing else changed," she told the Tri-City Herald. "I may have a little bit of an itchy head, but I'm still loud and proud."

But Brown's quest to see the Seahawks play in the playoffs may not be over. According to reports, Brown is lobbying the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to send her a pair of tickets to Sunday's Super Bowl. In exchange, Brown says, she'll get DeGeneres' name tattooed on the other side of her head.

Her story was featured on CNN:

Two tattoos on one's head may sound crazy, but if this lands Brown Super Bowl tickets it may be a brilliant ploy. After all, when she grows her hair out it may be impossible for anyone to see the artwork hidden underneath.

(H/T to Fox Sports)