Alongside Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree's game-worn Super Bowl jerseys at the 49ers team store was a pair of unremarkable pleated khakis worn by Jim Harbaugh.

Yup, the most-talked about khakis in the country were on sale in San Francisco for $500, or $492 more than Harbaugh himself paid for them at Walmart.

A fan tweeted a photo Thursday from Westfield San Francisco mall. By Friday, they were sold, a team store manager told ThePostGame, with proceeds going to a charity of the 49ers' choice.

The coach's wife, Sarah, made headlines this week for admitting that she has pleaded with her husband to stop wearing the unflattering pants (size 38 x 34). She says she's thrown them away many times but they keep coming back.

“He pulls them up to the middle of his stomach and I'm like, This is not a good look,” Sarah Harbaugh said. “You’re aging yourself 15 years. You look like Rain Man.”

Finally, Harbaugh himself smartly decided to heed his wife's advice and ditch the $8 pants. He showed up to a news conference this week in a pair of $23 Dickey’s flat front khakis.

"Happy wife, happy life," Harbaugh said.

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