It hasn't just been a memorable season for Philip Rivers on the field. The San Diego Chargers' veteran quarterback is making news with his postgame attire as well.

Rivers, who was voted to the Pro Bowl after throwing for 4,478 yards and 32 touchdowns, has been donning bolo ties when he takes the podium after games. The accessory has even spawned its own parody Twitter account.

After San Diego's wild-card round victory over Cincinnati on Sunday, Rivers indeed wore another bolo tie (see below), but this one packed some special significance.

Ted Williams, a 76-year-old Chargers fan in Southern California, had noticed Rivers wearing bolo ties throughout the season. He owned a handmade bolo tie that was too big for him but that he figured would fit Rivers, so he recently stopped by the San Diego Chargers' practice facility to drop it off.

“I didn’t know if he would actually get it,” Williams said, according to the Chargers' website. “It’s kind of like if you never throw a pass you don’t have a chance to get it across the goal line. You’ve got to take your chances. The guy is out there with 11 guys trying to kill him, and here he is entertaining us. I thought shoot, I’d be glad to give him one of my bolo ties.”

Not only did Rivers receive the neckwear, he loved it.

“The one yesterday was actually one that somebody sent me here locally from El Cajon,” Rivers said about Williams' tie. “So I thought I’d wear it for him.”

Williams' friend who went with him to the Chargers' practice facility was the one who alerted him to Rivers wearing it.

"...[H]e called me up when I was doing yard work and said it was on TV," Williams said. "I asked ‘What’s on TV?’ and he said ‘Your bolo tie!’ So I went running in and rewound it because it was halftime of the 49ers game, so I saw it and it tickled the heck out of me. I liked it a lot.”

Here are a few of the other bolo ties Rivers has donned this year: