We're accustomed to seeing impressive facial hair on amateur and professional athletes, but it's pretty rare when a guy has chest hair to match his beard.

Oregon State kicker Trevor Romaine had a unique chest hair look, and rather than hide it under his uniform, he wanted to show the world what he had grown. So before Oregon State's big game against rival Oregon, Romaine went out for warmups with his shirt off. And this is what he looked like.

Romaine told Bleacher Report that he started growing the beard in July and became too lazy to shave. As for the chest hair, he says he was going for a bikini look.

Romaine also donned sunglasses before the game, and with the beard/sunglasses combination he kind of resembled Zach Galifianakis' character from the Hangover movies.

It seems like a comparison that he's come to embrace.

Romaine, a junior, went on to hit three field goals (18, 37 and 47 yards) and two extra points, but his Beavers lost to the Ducks, 36-35.

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