In case anyone forgot that Stanford, the football powerhouse that manhandled previously undefeated Oregon on Thursday night, is also an elite academic school, the Cardinal's star players provided a humorous reminder at their postgame press conferences.

Check it out:

According to reports, linebacker Shayne Skov handed out the glasses in the locker room after Stanford's 26-20 victory.

"We're proud to be Nerd Nation," Skov said. "This was Revenge of the Nerds."

While Stanford players certainly have embraced their braininess, there may be another reason for the glasses. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News writes that the lenses may be a way for players to show support for Stanford graduate Jonathan Martin, the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman at the center of a bullying scandal.

Kawakami writes:

"[The nerd glasses] were probably a reference to their former teammate Jonathan Martin’s situation in Miami, and accusations that he and other Cardinal products are 'soft'".

Whatever the reason for the glasses, maybe someone can send along a pair to Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who seems to be having some vision issues.