Jordan Burroughs has an affinity for gold.

Before last year's Olympics, the wrestler adopted the mantra "All I See Is Gold." He plastered it on T-shirts and even made it his Twitter handle. Then the 25-year-old backed up the hype by winning a gold medal in the 163-pound weight class.

So it should come as no surprise that when Burroughs, a self-described sneakerhead, helped design a line of signature shoes earlier this year, he had one color in mind.

Burroughs' shoes are multi-functional, as evidence by his wife, Lauren Mariacher. Burroughs married Mariacher over the weekend, and instead of springing for the traditional heels, Mariacher wore, you guessed it, Burroughs' gold wrestling shoes.

Burroughs is 65-0 in his international career (which spans back to 2011), and in addition to Olympic gold he's won two consecutive world titles.

Here's the complete story behind the gold kicks.

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Mariacher's shoes were hardly the only neat touch at the couple's wedding. Check out this fantastic cake:

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