While the Boston Red Sox have excelled at the plate, on the mound and in the field during this postseason, there's another area in which the squad is proving itself worthy of a championship -- chemistry.

By this point the team's collective foray into facial hair is well-chronicled. What many people may not know, however, is that the team has also adopted an unofficial slogan and some players have gone as far as to shave it into their heads.

The slogan is "Three Lines, 2 Chainz, One Goal" (don't worry, shirts have already been created). 2 Chainz refers to the rapper, a favorite of Boston slugger David Ortiz. The Red Sox have been known to play the 2 Chainz song "I'm Different" in the locker rooms after wins. "One Goal" signifies the team's quest to win the World Series.

Lastly, as Paul Lukas of Uni Watch notes, "Three Lines" refers to a new hair style that some of the Red Sox are sporting. As a showing of unity, a few of the players have shaved three lines into the hair behind their left ears.

And here's another, via Larry Brown Sports.

While the Red Sox haven't yet proven themselves to be the best team in the big leagues, they do lead the Majors in one category: marketability.