At this point, David Pehl's favorite jersey is a little hard to read.

One can tell by the color scheme that it's a Green Bay Packers uniform, but it's difficult to discern which player's identity is on the back. Nearly three years ago, when David's family gave him the jersey for Christmas, Aaron Rodgers' name was easily legible. Now, not so much.

David's faded jersey, which he has worn every day since he got it in 2010, is representative of his dedication to the team. The sixth-grader from Holmen, Wis., sleeps in a room painted with Green Bay Packers colors and has resisted countless attempts by his family to convert him into a Vikings fan.

Yes, that's right, the entire family of the boy who has worn an Aaron Rodgers jersey for more than 1,000 days are Vikings fans.

"Everyone asks, 'Is he still wearing the shirt?' Yes, he's still wearing the shirt," David's mom, Jessica, told News 8000.

David is attempting to break the record of another fan who wore a Green Bay jersey for years. A boy in Connecticut put on Brett Favre's No. 4 for 1,581 days straight.

And just in case you were wondering, David's family said they hand wash his jersey every other night.