Philadelphia fans will get their first live peek at their long-awaited, sleek, new-look team when the Eagles host the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

We're talking about the Philadelphia cheerleaders' new uniforms, of course.

The Eagles cheerleaders will be debuting their Vera Wang-designed outfits Sunday, the second new design that the famous fashionista has provided for Philadelphia in the past decade. Here's a look at the uniforms:

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when Wang drew up the cheerleaders' uniforms ten years ago, it was the first time that a high-fashion designer had stepped in to assist an NFL team.

Wang, who is close friends with Eagles co-owners Jeff and Christina Weiss Lurie, has created outfits before for figure skaters Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan.

"These outfits are highly athletic," Wang said. "It was a challenge to make sure the pieces were sexy and they wouldn't fall apart."

Here's a 2003 photo of Wang and a pair of cheerleaders sporting her first design:

Christina Weiss Lurie worked closely with Wang to design this year's uniforms, which include a custom made black sparkle sneaker.

"Vera beautifully achieved our vision for the signature pieces with a fashion forward and sporty look that represents our style," Lurie said. "We feel the uniforms are ideal for the cutting-edge image of the cheerleaders – chic while displaying athleticism."

Wang had to take climate into account when designing the outfits, and as the temperatures in Philadelphia drop, the outfits will become more modest. Shorts will be replaced by skirts and the cheerleaders will even don cut-off sweaters over their sports bras.

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