It's hard to find any fault with LeBron James' body.

The 6-foot-8 superstar is one of the strongest, fastest and toughest players in the NBA. He's won four NBA MVP awards on the strength of his impeccable physique and impossible-to-stop athleticism.

So you can imagine why some people were surprised to see that James' body is, in fact, less than perfect. The 28-year-old's toes, the subject of some controversy in the past, have returned to the public eye. And they're not looking so great.

James, his fiancee Savannah Brinson and some friends were vacationing in Europe when this photo was snapped of the MVP.

And here's a closer look at his mangled toes:

Looks painful, sure, but who are we to judge? James has won four MVP awards and two NBA championship rings with these toes, so clearly they're not hampering his play.