These days the NFL is regulating almost every aspect of its teams' uniforms, down to the length of players' socks.

But there's one area of the body that apparently remains out of the league's jurisdiction -- the mouth.

Some eagle-eyed football fans noticed that Indianapolis Colts cornerback Greg Toler, who notched an interception in the Colts' 21-17 victory over the Raiders, was wearing what appeared to be a gold grill during the game.

Here's a photo of Toler during Sunday's game:

And a close up of his mouth:

You can see a mouthguard on his upper teeth and a gold something on his lower jaw. It sure looks like a grill, but it may be some sort of specialized mouthguard. Either way, pretty cool that Toler was rocking gold in his mouth during the game.

Ryan Lochte, for one, would be proud.

(H/T to For The Win)